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Medterra Wellness Stress Support Gummies pack calming, balancing power into every bite.

25mg of Ultra Broad Spectrum™ CBD brings balance to troubled minds and rattled nerves, while lavender promotes relaxation. The amino acid l-theanine, a trending nootropic, promotes natural calm as well, and acts as a great counterbalance to those caffeine-fueled workdays. Sometimes called the ultimate superfood, New Zealand manuka honey rounds out the active ingredients in these gummies, providing additional antioxidant benefits and helping naturally sweeten the strawberry flavor profile.

Perfect for on-the-go stress relief, keep them on your desk, your car dashboard, and anywhere else you might feel rattled.

Recommended Use:
Take 1-2 per gummies per day as needed.

Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract (CBD, CBG, CBN, CBC, CBDV, Natural Terpenes).
Lavender: Promotes natural relaxation.
L-theanine: Amino acid known for calming properties, great counterbalance to caffeine.
Manuka honey: The ultimate nourishing superfood from New Zealand.

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Ultra Broad Spectrum™ CBD + Superfoods

A Better Way to Boost Your Health

Ultra Broad Spectrum™ CBD incorporates a significant 10:1 ratio of CBD to minor hemp compounds.

Products combine botanicals, adaptogenic herbs and plants, medicinal mushrooms, organic functional ingredients + CBD in innovative combinations.

Focus on sustainability and giving back via 1% for the Planet, sustainable packaging, and organic ingredients as much as possible shows our commitment to giving back to nature.

Offers holistic immune support to keep you strong as you meet the stresses and challenges of modern life.



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CBD + Stress Support, Immune Boost