MOONPICKS XERO Bundle- 10pk Sleeve

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Bundle = 24 sleeves per box/10 picks per sleeve

    • 4 Orange Buzz
    • 4 Cinnamint
    • 4 Tropical Mint
    • 4 Churro
    • 4 Caramel Apple
    • 4 Lemon Lime

No more cotton mouth! Moon Picks™ Xero toothpicks improve the oral health of those suffering from xerostomia, commonly known as dry mouth.

Moon Picks™ Xero uses a unique method to infuse toothpicks with xylitol and jambu oleoresin, a concentrated extract of spilanthes acmella. This botanical is known as the “toothache plant” and has been used to alleviate mouth pain for centuries. Spilanthol has strong saliva-inducing effects and is a mild anesthetic responsible for the tingling sensation in the mouth and lips often experienced during salivation.

  • Improves oral hygiene
  • Promotes salivary flow
  • Hydrates the mouth
  • Reduces bad breath

Standard unit MSRP: $2.50/sleeve